‘Until They’re Gone’

until they're gone2

Until They’re Gone, the documentary film discussed with its director Christopher Lockett in Episode 47 is now available through Amazon Prime’s streaming services.

The film details the work by Aki Ra, a former child soldier in Cambodia, and an American retired couple, Bill & Jill Morse, as they endeavor to remove the countless land mines and unexploded ordinance left behind by conflicts in the region going back decades. The trio has now expanded their Siem Reap-based operation to train over three dozen Cambodian deminers who travel through the country removing still lethal land mines and unexploded munitions. Their efforts now also include the building of schools in the villages which have been impacted by the loss of usable land until the removal of the mines from their fields.

This is an important issue and a great documentary. Definitely head over to Amazon and give it a watch. More importantly, if the documentary speaks to you, consider donating to the Landmine Relief Fund.

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